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  Guangdong Solid State Lighting Industry Innovation Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Center”) is located in the core area of Guangdong New Light Source Industrial Base. With the participation of the relevant departments of the state, the Center is sponsored by Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department, and established through the joint contributions of the provincial scientific research institutions, listed companies and leading enterprises in the semiconductor lighting industry.


Why Choose GSC:

Standard Benchmark System
  -Make the standard for LED lighting products, product standards and test method standards.
  -Improve product testing standards, safety standards, performance standards and energy efficiency standards
  -Formulate local standard system of LED product quality.
International Exchange and Cooperation
  -Establish professional team of strategy research and experts.
  -Resource sharing
  -Enhance the value of product R&D and innovation of enterprises.
  -Facilitate cooperation between Chinese market and International market.
Talent Introduction and Training
   -Enhance personnel training in technology R&D, production process and product design.
  -Establish evaluation and training system
Technology Research and Innovation
  -Accelerate the supporting and integration of technologies, expedite conversion of achievements.
Application Promotion and Creative Design
  -Enhance propaganda of Guangdong LED industry..
Strategic Research and Brand Planning
  - Set up Chinese LED industry brand club and the LED price index.
Investment and Financing
  - Encourage LED SMEs merges and reorganizations and expand the scale of production
IP Operation and Service
  - Establish patent alliance to prevent risk and avoid technical barriers through cross-licensing and patent buyout.

Mission-优德88官方网站 -w88优德下载网址

  Mainly focuses on the innovation demands of various links of the LED industry chain, systematically integrates the effective innovation resources, improves the innovation service function, creates an innovation environment, and builds the development strategy think tank, information exchange hub, testing and certification base, technological innovation bridge, financial service vanguard, talent training highland, and achievement exhibition stage for the LED industry of Guangdong.